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I get killed by a poison gaz over the water, then my items fall down into the water. When I come to where my items are located, at the bottom of the water, I can't find any way to reach them, because the character doesn't swim down.

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LOL. I fell off of a cliff down into the exhaustion zone water. Like, wth, right. How do I get my crap back... I understand they do that because if you survive you might be stuck there, but we do have respawn feature. What I did was spent 3 hrs building a ramp in spiral form out of foundation all the way to the bottom, where I met with the toxicity. So I healed up, made the ramp as close as possible to the corpse box, jumped in close, lotted and ran my happy azz out of there as fast as I could....
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I've trapped myself in some water, if I respawn to get out the box sinks to the bottom and I can't retrieve it :(
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if you fall in the water from high enough you may get low enough to reach/loot it. water seems really inconsistent, some times you automatically rise, some you only can get higher by getting to an edge.
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I solved this by using the Jetpack.  Jetting up high and then driving myself down into the water so that I could grab the item box.  It was tricky, but I got the job done.  I didn't want to lose all of the precious plastic I had accumulated in my submerged truck!

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Can you get close enough to recycle, "F" key, the storage bin?
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A friend was able to walk on the ground of a lake. He was standing on a tier 3 belt and fell into the water from it and the speed has thrown him through the surface. Maybe you can reproduce that, to get to your items.

I don't know if he was on a cliff and the belt speed and fall speed have been added.
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If you fall far enough, enough of your momentum will carry you to the bottom of the lake or ocean. When you hit the bottom you will enter your normal standing on ground state, if you jump however you will go back into your swimming state.
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