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I find an issue in mutliplayer where the game became unplayable for online player. This issues is just make a conveyor v3 or v4 (I didn't try with v2 and v1) over more than 500m. The player who host the game will be ok and nothing happen for him. But for the online player, insane lags are coming, about 10 sec to open building menu, 30 sec to open your own invetory and about 1 minute to transfer item. Now, i use vehicule cause I want to play with my friend and keep it playable. I tried it for several times and everytime , when we delete long conveyor, the game become playable again. I tried it with different friends and sometimes they host, sometime it's me.

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Hey! I'm happy to see that some people have this problem too.
I thought it was because my computer wasn't powerfull enough to keep the game running when there is a lot of conveyors (and maybe ressources...) on the map but this bug is very strange because it doesn't make you lag and my computer satisfies the recommandations to run the game.
What I mean is that my friend and I just played for hours building a big factory but my inventory and building menu were becoming more and more long to open whereas my friend (who was hosting) had no problem at all.
Also when I just go very far from our base, I don't have any problem to open my inventory/crafting menu...

I think the problem isn't only conveyors but maybe it could come from to large factories or structures.

Hope they see it and fix it soon. I'll try to use vehicules maye it will help.

(PS: Sorry for bad english)
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Hi, same here, my friends can not play. at the begins there were no problem, but now after 15 hours + session we have many very long conveyor and he has the same problem than you

Need a fix please

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I had the same problem with a friend of mine. Then we found a network setting in the settings. After we both selected "Ultra" (default was "Medium" for us) it worked A LOT better.
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Same, we change (host and guest) the settings in `Ultra` and it's much better.
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Lol it worked perfectly. Thank you!!

WTF btw
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Thanks for the tip , I will try it. Hope it work for me !
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