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Currently, I think we can all agree, Smart Splitters are a bit lacking in usefulness, they do have a use (sorting items on mixed belts), but that scenario is generally avoided by most players because of all the headaches that it brings.

I think that having Smart Splitters give priority to the exits with filters (e.g. rotors would go out of the exit that had a filter for rotors, once that belt was full then they would go out of any other side that didn't have a filter on it) would make make them a lot more useful, and would make their cost a bit more justifiable.

Now that being said this should NOT be some kind of dynamic ratio control, just a priority system, dynamic ratio control would be better for something like the programmable splitter.
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Yes. This is exactly what they should do!

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In my opinion, the sorting ability could be dropped completely on smart splitters and make them priority only: raise or lower priority of one of the three outputs, making them stuff items to that output first or last, alternating the rest. On top of that, we could have smart merger with priority too: accept items preferably from one leg before others. That would be great e.g. for the case when I'm bringing items on two belts because of capacity, branch off one of them and want to refill it from the other belt but don't want to get the supply on the start of the refilled one stuck reduced. You need exactly one priority splitter and one priority merger for that. And it would have plenty of other uses.

Then, programmable splitters could provide ability to do this priority setup for each material separately. In my opinion, such implementation would be ideal for our logistics needs.
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