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The current game encourages and rewards exploration, but doesn't provide enough to make players feel safe to do so. Beacons give limited information. You don't have a good idea the path you took to a given location, you don't even know as much as altitude. Just a vague distance. Secondly, because everything is relatively far apart from each other, there's a good chance your beacons will overlap if you're a decent distance away, making it hard to figure out where you are from any one.

In Minecraft there are torches to bread-crumb your trail to a place. In Astronneer there's the glowing rope that forces you to tie to your home. In modded Minecraft there are waypoints beacons you can make every so often, and they are in fixed points in XYZ that you can see as points that are overlayed so you can see them even if obstacles are in the way. If the waypoint is within sight, you can actually see a beacon. I see that there's a hotkey for a map so I assume this is unlocked at some point, but it feels like a lot of end-game content, like the gas mask, jetpack, and better truck, are achievable at a point you're already required to explore a lot of the world already, and are a little redundant.

It's too easy to get lost in the map, and sure, one day everyone will know the map so well that we'll know every location inside and out, but is that the goal here? Because it would be nice to have more tools to traverse the beautiful world and still feel safe getting back home. You are after all meant to be an employee of a company scavenging this planet for resources, it would make sense you'd have better tools to explore the planet safely.
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you could use power poles as markers, even connect them so you have power with you wherever you go, which can help with crash sites.
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If you explore with a vehicle turn on record path and show nodes (hold 'C' while in a vehicle to access this menu). It will leave little blue markers that you can remove if one is in a weird spot for you. Just make sure you leave autopilot off. This is what I did while searching for a distant resource.
Dhosan's solution also seems like a very good option.
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I guess it depends if you are on foot or not... placing power poles while driving might become tedious indeed. I haven't run into the issue yet myself but I read there is a limit to how long you can record while driving. Also if you go in circles it might be annoying having to delete all the nodes again. I think expanding the beacon functionality with beacon groups would be the best solution.
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