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Add a conveyor pole that can be placed on the ceiling to make it easier to move items through the factory.
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because hanging a belt from the ceiling is not the same as building a tower of poles especially if he makes some room like me where you talk 2-5 stories high and having one so high could be ugly
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You will most likely at some point need extra lanes to pass through, I find it handy to have some spares in places where there is no clutter so I can just add a lane. It's not like I hate the idea of ceiling attached ones, just that you can work around it and that there are some benefits to it.
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maybe conveyor lift belts could solve the problem
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That is a workaround, but only if there is noting constructed under where I want to have the belts. Some times I have a functioning factory whit lots of spaces between each floor where I could fit the belts,  and deconstructing for the sake of space optimization is not so convenient. Hence the idea of the ceiling poles
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why not just keep stacking poles till you reach the desired hight?

answer: the pole would block any building below it. you could work around it by building poles, placing conveyer, and then removing pole and just leaving the belt hanging in the air.. but would require removal of any building  below the belt also.. such a hassle.

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This is a great suggestion! Some type of ceiling mounted conveyor system needs to be introduced.

Currently the only workaround is to use Stacking Conveyor Poles until it reaches the ceiling and then remove most of the bottom so it looks like it is hanging from the ceiling. I've used this method for my factory roof and it works great to move items between floors in style. You can always place temporary Foundations down from the ceiling and build up from there if you have really tall spaces.

I always thought that Stacking Conveyor Poles should 'snap' to the bottoms of foundations, conveyor joints, and other Stacking Conveyor Poles for ease of use.
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