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I'd like to suggest a "smart interact" key binding. This action would perform the "smart" thing to do depending on the context of what you're interacting with. I would like this action to be made available *without* having to enter the interaction dialog of the target object.

Example usage (context -> action when smart interact key is pressed)

  • Containers -> smart stack. Items in player's inventory will be placed into the container's inventory depending on what is already in the container. For example, if the container currently has any metal plates, then all metal plates in the player's inventory will be transferred to the container. (Works even better with container filters) 
  • Portable miner -> Take all mined resources.
  • Consuming machine of any kind -> Insert the appropriate ingredients from the player's inventory. For example
    • automatically place iron bars into a constructor if it it is making screws. 
    • Automatically place the highest tier of fuel from player inventory into a bioreactor. 
    • Automatically fill hub terminal with required ingredients

This key should be available as soon as the interaction prompt is shown on the screen, without having to first interact with the object.


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