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To get exact 1%'s

I'm not steady with my hand and it sometimes takes me a long time to get the percent i need.
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Related: I'd like to be able to fine tune it even further by setting a desired output within the range of how much overclock is available. I wind up with a lot of small remainders (ex. 24.05 units, 44.2 units) and the ability to eliminate that would be nice even though it doesn't have a huge impact on resources. Having worked in manufacturing all my life, automation tends to allow you to set a rate of completed parts within an acceptable productivity range.
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Fully agree!

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If you click the xxx% text, it will let you type in a number manually. Use {enter} to save the change.
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Thats a nice feature, but it's not really explained anywhere but on the forums lol! I would still like the scroll so as not to have to click, but can live with that now, thanks!
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Yeah, it wasn't exactly intuitive. I was messing around trying to get a precise percentage and tried clicking the number for laughs and it let me edit it. Really should have a special highlight or edit box or something..
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