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To this point in the game i made two towers, and i almost always fall from it when i try to climb down the ladder. It took me a while to learn how to, but most times i'm just pushed off or slip through.
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Here's a better solution.

Why is there no natural health regen?
A slow over time regen would solve this problem (and other problems)
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A context sensitive key would probably be easiest and it would lock in a climbing animation once it was ready. However I think this idea should only be for the lookout tower and maybe if manually placed ladders are added after. The small ladders on the side of conveyor stacks and storage containers are fine as is.
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I agree, what could be good is a mini lift instead if ladder dont work.
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Indeed using ladder is a pain in the a** x)
When you go forward on a ladder your char will go forward in the direction you are looking.
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If your afraid of highs, you might wanna consider setting up stair wells. I can tell you from experience, my heart goes into my throat every time i fall from any height. My husband thinks it's funny because i bug out.

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Simple solution: Extend the ladder all the way to the ceiling. Would make it much easier to enter the ladder, and you would stop on top bumping your head against the ceiling. From this point just hold S to go down the ladder.

Adding a bit of platform "behind" the ladder, where there is now just an open slot, would further facilitate getting on the ladder.
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I have away around the issue, when you start to fall turn to the ladder and press "w" and move back into the ladder of the tower. You will catch the ladder mid fall and start back up and take no damage.smiley

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