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     I was playing around with my jetpack, swapped to my exosuit mid jump and had a decision to just run instead of flying. Doing this caused me to: 
---Fly into oblivion and die
---Change back to the jetpack and hit space. This saved me from dying and kept me beneath the kill barrier. 

Video link below to unlisted video with commentary mid bug, hope it helps.

Damnit, Simon... Was fun though, a highpowered jetpack might be worth looking into. Considering theres hints at things like nuclear reactors, trains, buggys etc. It wouldnt be all that powerful for something far late game to upgrade the current jetpack. 

Luh you guys! 

Video of bug - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqjOL9idztw

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Happened for me, I went up in the air with all my fuel, then changed from Jetpack to Parachute so I can land slower but instead I started elevating forever and I couldn't stop going up until it was too late (I was atop a mountain already so the kill barrier wasn't THAT far away

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happen to me as well but without changing anything, its like the spot i was in had zero gravity, i used up most of the fuel to get really high, but didn't have enough to not crash, once i respawn , and went back to it, the bug was gone
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