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I can't see a practical reason why it wouldn't work and not being able to seems to add more annoyance than challenge.
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i do agree that is bull shit because you can even have to boots on as well the jet pac which don't make fucking sense because you have to have to boots on your back just to use them and not your feet so i say add a feet slot and a face slot because it make's more sense than having the one
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Inclined to agree. Should just be able to wear everything. Having to swap back and forth does not add any fun-factor to the experience of exploration, just manually swapping stuff which a lot of suggestions are showing similar feelings. Still being able to scroll through or quickbar equip hand-items though.
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Couldn't agree more with the above. What could be done is lock using multiple items behind some research later on. Maybe something for the M.A.M? That way you'd be incentivized more to go out and explore. Maybe something like that is already planned.
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