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This seems to be unreasonably hard.

I tracked some iron, but as I traveled to the site, I was attacked. First, that "XenoZapper" didn't appear to have any effect on the critter. After four or five hits, I was prompted to respawn, which I did. On the radar I can see the point I died, but when I get there, the same critter attacks me. Nothing I can do will stop it, and I eventually die again. Rinse, repeat.

This is highly frustrating for me and does not encourage me to continue playing. Is there a way to resolve this problem I am having?
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I found that you can pick up some fruit on the way to your corpse, and heal up just enough to be able to equip your weapons from the box while being attacked. As someone in another thread wrote, you can jump over the critters as they charge and stab them in the back. It is still super annoying to fight them over and over as you are just walking around, but I guess this is the current early game.

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You can always build new XenoZapper tool and the Equipment Station (assuming you have one). Otherwise, build up/gather some resources before facing the creature again.

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This is exactly right. You are simply approaching the situation wrong, go back to base and re-equip, the taser is a more than powerful enough weapon for the job (kills in 4 hits and has 2 hits combos meaning you need to catch the creature out twice).
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From his description he is having problems with the first critter encountered, before having a base
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Easiest solution I have found, is to drive a truck to your body - enemies ignore the truck (except one) and you can pop out, grab, and pop back in.

If you don't have the truck (Tier 3) then my strategy is to wait for them to come close.  They then pause and prepare to charge.  Just as they charge, I side step and hit with zapper.  4-5 hits and they go down.  If you can get close, just spam it and they go down.
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