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I have found a number of crash sites throughout the game. While some of them require only a part or two to fix, a number of them have a line saying "Battery damaged" followed by a wattage requirement. I have supplied the wattage requirement. I have repaired the other parts. If this is something that is broken, can it be fixed? If this is something that I haven't run into the technology for yet, I only ask if that is much later than coal. If anybody else has run into this problem and solved it, what was your solution?
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Are you sure you've connected a powered and fueled generator to the pod, and if so are you manually pulling the red handle to open it? (click and drag)
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I am doing these, yes. The red handle moves about half an inch before I hear a click and some kind of rejection sound as it stops. The door does not open.

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Later in the Game you can build Batterys and i think you need them for opening the crashed pod.

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While that would work, when I found the one that wanted 40w, I literally just created two biofuel generators and connected them to it to open it.
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That simply wasn't working for me... that said, it was on somebody elses game. Maybe it didn't somehow realise that the power that I set up was flowing...? Eh.
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As of the test weekend supplying any sort of power, as long as it meets the wattage requirement, and then manually pulling the red handle over should open it.

Maybe they changed it so that batteries are required now that they are available in Early Access, but as far as I know, just hooking up a power line to the node on the door and then pushing the proper wattage in should work.
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That's the logic I was going with. I didn't play during the test weekend, but I supplied the wattage and verified via a power pole what wattage was going through. Still nothing.
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Maybe that pod actually requires a battery, and not just power?

While we can't make them yet, I have collected them and heatsinks at other crash sites as part of the loot.
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