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When me and a friend is working on building a factory, I stumbled upon an issue where some foundations put on our second floor is not visually showing for me, but when I step out into the open space that seems to be there I do not fall down.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Be in multiplayer session.

2.Build a 3 tiles high wall around a floor.

3. Build 8x2 m foundations as second floor.

Can provide screenshots of where I am seemingly floating in midair.
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This problem still exists. To add to it, when someone replaces tracks, as soon as you go near it all you see are sparks flying from the replacement... (replacement means where you upgrade the track itself). Have still got the issues of foundations, walls, ect not showing up for other players, as well as conveyor belts now showing movement when they are placed (basically the items the belts are transferring do not show up on the belt. Have checked that it is properly set up, yet you have to pull the whole thing up to even get it to work properly.).

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Had this bug on alpha test weekend while my mate (host) was building foundations and wall i didnt saw one foundation. I asked him why he left a hole there and he said there is a foundation. I think it is because of none dedicated Server and he was the Host of the Game, i call it network/sync problem.

Later this year we hopeful have dedicated servers than this bug shouldnt be there anymore. Also if the Host is quitting all quit too. ;)
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