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It would be nice, if you could craft and place / attach displays to buildings and belts in order to get information without the need to interact with the building. You could display:

  • which / how many items are inside a storage container
  • how much fuel is left in a generator
  • how much is left of the fuel item which is currently consumed
  • what a Smelter / Constructor / Assembler / Manufacturer is producing
  • the progress of the item that is currently produced
  • how many items per minute a specific conveyor belts transports. 
  • the consumption graph or the raw capacity and consumption values of the power network or a specific building.
  • the efficiency of a building
  • how much a building is overclocked

Something like this is of course not crucial for the game, but wouldn't it be cool if we would have these or something similar? wink 

It would be great, if you share your opinion on this in the comment section. Maybe you have further ideas about what else could be displayed. If you think, that this is not a good idea, please tell me why.

To get a better idea what I'm meaning, you can checkout the link / pictures below. By the way, I got this Idea whole because I played with this mod in the past.


picture not available

picture not available

picture not available

Sorry if the English isn't perfect! Greetings from Germany and happy constructing! laugh 

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