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Honestly, from the start I had been really hyped for the game and I'm glad to see it wasn't misplaced.

Overall things I think should be changed:

The hover noises over UI elements should be able to be lowered via Audio Settings.

Yeah, I know it sounds a bit weird but, the UI hover noises actually over the course of playing started to give me a bit of a headache. After lowering literally every audio setting -except dialogue because ADA doesn't have subtitles just yet- I found that you couldn't lower the UI hover noise which ultimately made me just mute the game overall which is a shame as the music and other aspects are really nice.

The intro cut scene should be skip-able 

Granted I think this will be added overall in the end because you guys are bright individuals I figured I would put it anyway just to be safe.

Being able to get little quests about "analyzing" before you even finish tier 0 is a bit confusing. The option probably should be either suppressed or explain to the player with some text like. "Unlock the Analyzer for the hub to be able to analyze this"

I spent longer than I'd care to admit looking for ways to analyze things, at one point I even tried to bring an Alien back to my setup so I could kill him on the hub like some sort of sacrifice as if that would analyze.

Some of the keybinds felt really unfamiliar, and  others just unintuitive

Often I found myself pressing F to try to pick things up and almost instead destroying my conveyor, and even after 5 hours I still needed to adjust them because it was just awkward to play with. (In particular the inventory, build, destroy keys.) Since you can just change keybinds its not really a major one, but I feel like the defaults might need a tweak or two.

A hotkey to auto equip the weapon in your inventory

I've almost died a couple times because when you open your inventory you are unable to move, but in the time it would take you to equip the weapon you would die. Its kinda  bit of an issue when you look at how at the beginning you need to venture out a little and in my case get attacked early on.

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You should post each bug or suggestion seperately, so that they can be dealt with one at a time.

Additionally, when entering a describing title a list of similar posts will appear, so you can check for duplicates. wink

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Agree - but i've got so many issues that i've hit the posts per hour limit 1/4 of the way through.....
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