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When you stack storage containers vertically, and want to connect them in series from bottom to top, occasionally, the game tries to make a conveyor path with a weird shape through the container, so there is no way to build it unless you stack using conveyor pole.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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Like the stacked storage, and while they may sometimes make weird angles, at least it will go eventually, gotta expect a little jank at first. Though I like the design, given me a few ideas of my own.==
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Oh nice! The one time I tried this during the alpha weekend, I couldn't get it to line up at all so I did a crazy manual loop on the same side using a few poles. It was waay more ugly than you got.

Glad to know something clean works even some of the time! :)
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Was just about to make a post about this thank you for doing all the hard work :) Mabey they could add / make rotate work with belts it says scroll to rotate but that dose nothing :(
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