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Can we download game and just activate it on release day ?

Or do we have to download the game on release day ?

Imagine the epic server load if theres hundreds of players downloading the game on release day, not a good thing that.

I purchased a Pre-Release copy.


         A film, record or other product given restricted availability before being generally released.

So what restricted availability do we have over the public, can we at least download it before release  day ?
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Dont know why people downvote you... i would have also a predownload because my internet connection is very slow and if we can start at evening i cant play on 19th. :(
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Yea whats the downvoting about, just people with bad attitudes ?

These are  like my first posts, how could it draw nasties out like that, what a great bunch of people must be on this site to be so nasty.
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Yeah that's a pity. I would like i they distibute a version, that's not yet playable, but need just an miniscule update to get it to working. In that way they insure no one will start playing before release and everyone with a bad internet connection would be able to start on the same day, instead of needing to wait a day until that game finished downloading.

Some calculations:
Given the game is about 25 GB big and your internet speed is 1 Mbit/s.
You need about 200k second to download the game.
A day has 86400 seconds therefore you would need to wait more than 2 days.

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From what i have read the game is DRM free thus no protection to lock the game down before release day.

I have also read  they are still working on the retail build and does not have it compiled and is still under testing.

Also in some cases if they would do a pre-load it will only be 24-48 hours beforehand and would have to be in a encrypted format which would require a key of some type to be downloaded anyways on release
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As I understand it, those who have been in the test weekend / closed alpha will only need a minor update on release day. As for everyone else, probably on the day. Wouldn't be the first to not allow pre-load, and it's not the end of the world either. I've often had to wait until the following day to play a game if it hasn't released until evening, though I get the feeling it will be available from midnight/early morning. So no worries.
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Well its the 20-3 now and its saying its unavailable in the EPIC library and I cant figure out how to get it to work, seriously, EPIC are a very long way behind Steam it would appear on the user friendly side of things.
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Well, looking on my own epic platform I got the early access as a separate icon in my games library. Just click library on your epic platform and see what's there. Mine downloaded just fine.
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