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Ok that's probably its the biggest build of the game and as a mega structure could have some containers attached

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I think he means building the elevator in parts and not only onetime with all materials in inventory.

I would love it building the elevator with different parts like the three clamps, the terminal and the elevator himself. Also it would be nice if the elevator needs more complex parts like motor and steel beams and more.

I really hope later in the game we need more complex parts and materials and not everytime for everything metal plates, wires and the standard crafting materials.
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I honestly dont see a reason for that, as far as I can remember It stores all the Items it needs. There is no need to store more.

Greetings HeroxHeruxum
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not sure if you want to have the elevator built in stages (piece by piece) which is an idea that i LOVE,

or have built-in storage, in which case i'd say it does - but only for the products it wants when it wants them - otherwise the lift cage is in transit ;-)
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and if you want the built-in storage then I'm claiming the built piece by piece idea as MINE!    but i don't think they'd implement it - goes contradictory to their current hitbox / collision methodology
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Very much does mate. But yea. I agree and really see no reason for the space elevator to have personal storage. You're sending materials off world to your corporation who is strip-mining the galaxy... you send very specific materials off to them in stages that are asked for in very specific quantities, not, oh hey, let's store my shit here and hope some of it is requested later. :-)
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