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There are several suggestions ...

1. We need a scanner of living creatures, so that we don't wander into a cave with a bunch of spiders and precisely see evil aliens in the grass.

2. We need some devices to scare them away from the base.

3. You need to somehow use the water in the production!

4. Alchemy or something like that, so as not to stand or eat 10 fruits for treatment ...

5. Can add the ability to build teleports at high levels of development?
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The problem with this kind of posts is that People cant vote on the issues they also have, which results in this will keep having a low score... Which almost makes it almost invisible to us when we decide which bugs to work on.

Also by posting many issues as one, you bork the search functionality which is there to help you find previous posts on the same subject (that you can upvote to help us find the issue to fix it)

Please, separate this post as separate ones (if that post does not already have the same issue submitted, in that case upvote that instead! [and possible comment on them to help make them better])

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1) Limited alpha, maybe this is coming?

2) they've specifically stated there will not be a need to defend your base

3) pipes have been requested (a lot) for fluids and gasses, but no news yet (that im aware of)

4) there is a medical inhaler available in this alpha for 100% healing

5) already suggested elsewhere
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In the style of the person before me...

1. Yea, alpha test, might be inbound, if not would be good to have s hort range radar, nothing fancy to tell you what is coming, only that something is nearby in a particular direction.

2. Once you kill something it's gone, I've personally never had anything come near my base when it's built either. Not even them giant gnats that just wander around and used to use my base as a grazing area, but don't now that I'm here.

3. Water? Maybe, but honeslty what would it even be used for?

4. Yes, there's already an item that gives full health, just need to research each of the healing items (more specifically the mushrooms) and you'll get it.

5. We're engineers, not wizards. It's a factory simulator, not D&D.
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5.) killed me xD, but its so true
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That said, what I WOULD like however is a crouch option so I can sometimes just sit on one of my conveyors (including the stacked ones) and take the scenic route.
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