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I found using splitters and mergers to be a little frustrating simply due to the size of the components.

I'm going to use Factorio as an example (I know this isn't Factorio, but the developers of Factorio got belt logistics basically perfect - so it would be stupid to not reference it).

In Factorio, a belt is 1x1 and a splitter is 1x2 - or 100% bigger then a belt.

In Satisfactory, the splitter is essentially 3x3, or 900% bigger then a conveyor. Not to mention that splitting a line forces you to then send a new line out completely perpendicular to the old one. This makes it extremely aggravating (and arguably impossible) to setup efficient, compact designs.

I would suggest these changes.

  1. A splitter should have one input and two outputs.
  2. A merger should have two inputs and one output.
  3. A splitter or merger should take up no more space then two conveyor lines.
  4. A splitter's or merger's output should be parallel with the input (instead of perpendicular) *Bonus* Make the output configurable - let the player decide what's best for the situation.

These adjustments will allow players to setup EFFICIENT and COMPACT and DYNAMIC solutions.

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Build BIGGER!!!

It took me a few goes at this game before I finally accepted and embraced this concept. It's not like the map is tiny or there's punishing build limits in place. Besides, you learn to work with what you got eventually :)

And I would be here suggesting they change it back if they were to adopt your suggested changes.

1 A splitter does have 1 in and 2 out, in fact it has an extra out just in case you need a third ;)
2 Merger.. same as ^
3 Turns out a splitter does take up the same room as two conveyors!
4 In what use case would this be necessary...? No machines could utilise this. I just don't get it. I get the need for parallel runs in buses and conveyor tunnels (or whatever you call your bulk conveyor groups). But how is a one into two parallel efficient?  I'd really love to see the scenario you working on.  

The only thing I'd ask for to make my setups more efficient and compact is to run a conveyor lift strait outa the top of my splitters and mergers

splitter same width as 2 belts:   https://i.imgur.com/E7yLYJv.jpg
1 into 2 split:   https://i.imgur.com/jFJ9nvl.jpg

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I agree on the smaller / more compact design - maybe it'll be available in higher tiers - but maybe not as the developers seem to like big and pretty.

RE the 2-1 and 1-2, why?  3-1 and 1-3 can be used that way  (just ignore an input or output slot) while allowing greater flexibility
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thats my point, a 3-1 is more flexible - it does both jobs with a single item.
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Yes, a 3-1 is more flexible if you need a 3-1. But because the 2-1 could be smaller than the 3-1, the 2-1 would be more flexible in EVERY OTHER situation EXCEPT for when you specifically need a 3-1.
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Maybe there could be a 2-1, and a 1-2, but also 1-3 and 3-1s.
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On that, while the 3 - 1 / 1 - 3 has it's uses I would also like to see a 1 - 2 / 2 - 1 but where the 2 are both on the same side and input/output directly opposite of the 1 as I've had numerous occasions where I want to split 1 - 2 but I want both of the 2 then going in the same direction after the slpit, or have had 2 mines producing 30/minute going into 1 (since even base converyor is 60) but where they were on the same side so I had to meander the conveyor a little rather than having the nice straight lines my OCD asks of me.
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Definitely could be both.
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Merger and Splitter could be vertical, to stack the in/outputs above each other.
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that has been suggested and upvoted a lot.
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While i don't think the layout should be changed. I do share the feeling about them beeing a bit clunky. But this extends to the assembler and storage (especially) as well.
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I think ideally perpendicular and parallel options would be available via a GUI option.
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Hmm, while I like all my lines to be straight, having it set via the UI to only use straight lines seems artificial. want to do it myself, I'll often just set two or more poles near each other and opposite angles to get my nice corners. Feels more personal. Though I *do* think the pathing needs work, as I mentioned in my own Views/review post. I wanted to bring a conveyor around the outside of my building using the Conveyor wall (vertical) and as it gets to the outside corner it just tries to path THROUGH the wall instead of around it. they could add some auto collision options so that if there is a conflict it will auto path around said conflict and higlight the cleanest route possible for you to then decide if you want it, or want to try again.
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conveyor collision is a hot topic atm :-)

I've regularly used all slots on splitters and mergers as it enables me to assign % of products to a particular route.


2 copper smelters feeding 4 wire constructors - provides 180 wire / minute - so has to go out on 2 mk2 belts.

1 belt i merge into my main copper wire line (2 inputs 1 output therefore used)  the other gets split 3 ways (30/min each) into 2 cable constructors and the last side of the main line merge (to bring that to 120/min max)  (the main line does a loop through the whole factory so i can pull ingredients from anywhere in the future.

alternately i've had a 30'/min split into 3 10/min, of which i then merge 2 back into one so i can have a 20/10 split  - which without other filtering / control mechanisms isn't  easy.

hence why i keep saying FLEXABILITY
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Honestly didn't even have time to get that deep into it. Spent half my time working with my mate and half of it working solo, so I was essentially playing two games at once. But yea, while you have clearly spent more time using the splitters than me one other thing that could be usefull is the ability to designate productivity output for each lane of the splitters based on the current intput.


1 splitter with a Mk.2 input can then set to be one 60/min and two 30/min, for example.
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that's called filtering and prioritizing - its much in demand - and expected by most to be higher up in the tech tree.
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