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The motion blur is not as intense as in other games, but I still prefer it to be completely off.
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Render scale and refresh limits are needed too
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I agree, I always disable motion blur for first in any game.
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Love the game so far but was only able to play about 3 hour before becoming completely sick from the motion blur. Please add the option
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tbh i normally have a problem with the slghtest motionblur in game but i  donĀ“t have a problem with the motionblur in this game, but being able to change how much it is would be nice
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You can disable motion blur, go into video settings, 7th row down.

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Motion blur is now able to be disabled in the full game by going to settings - video - motion blur.
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You can turn off motionblur by going to options - video - post processing - low

I agree that motion blur should be a separate check box

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That does turn off motion blur, but it also turns off all of the other shaders.
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I haven't finished downloading yet, but I always disable this and View Bob first thing - both make me motion sick at times.

If applicable, Please add option to disable view bob as well.
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There is a setting for view bob. It's an adjustable slider, which is great. https://imgur.com/a/HMxgP1R
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Saw that once I finished installing and got in game.  Thanks !!!!!
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what is view bob exactly? after a quick google all I see is unreal forums, must be an industry term
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No more of an industry term than something like render scale or FOV is.  It's just how much your head bobs when you walk around.
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You are a legend for posting that image !  thank you.
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You can disable motion blur via config if you prefer that


  1. Press "Win" + "R"
  2. Type "%localappdata%"
  3. Navigate %localappdata%\FactoryGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  4. Open the Engine.ini with any Editor / Notepad
  5. Add following lines under the last block:
  6. Save the file and close the editor / notepad
  7. Right click Engine.ini -> Properties 
  8. Tick the Read-Only box

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In the closed alpha build, this feature is already added as a separate checkbox, as seen on one of the Satisfactory streams I watched on Twitch. This should be rolling out with the EA as well.
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You can, If you go into video settings, it should be the 7th option down, you can disable it there.
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You can. Hi I am typing this so I can actually post this.
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