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So far I've not seen any glaring issues with the game, and the pacing is absolutely perfect!

The only issues noted so far:

1.  The massive plate city I've built in the air seems to cause issues for the Tractor as it rolls over, like it's bumping on the seams ever so gently, like, minimal.

2.  If you take a flying run/leap at the tractor into the driving area you will Punt the thing about 3 billion feet forwards, likely some weird physics hiccup, wanna get it in THAT direction, do just that!

3.  Ore/Resource spacing!!!   Lordy.. I know it's about exploring and setting things up, but the current placement leaves alot to be desired and to be setup.  Perhaps a bit more nodes, or least a clustering of stuff a little more closer?

4.  Production times.  Things like Reinforced Iron Plate shouldn't be that costly and time involved with such a lower tier recipe, perhaps cut the requirement or time in half, to balance it out?

5.  Flaming Monsters.. seriously.. arg.. bit TOO much!

6.  Beacons, would be helpful if they did a bit of a broadcast on the radar if possible, like a small 'tag' on the thing rather then a simple directional header?

7.  Running my tractor on some of the fabric I created, I knew what was the newest fad, but being a limitless fuel for the tractor is amazing!

That's pretty much the ONLY nitpicks/suggestions I can think of at the moment, cause otherwise the game is pretty damn rock solid, and I've got like 40 hours invested on the map I got going right now, which says something to it's ability to keep me invested!  Then again, I've been a sucker for Factory type setup games forever!

I'm looking forward to seeing more tiers of goodies released and what more we can toss at and do, and just MORE BUG PLEASE!  Well, the energy kind, only found like 14 so far :P  Need more of those boosters!
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