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Observed with these two enemies so far:

  • walking plant thing that spouts gas when you get close,
  • The flies that are spawned from the orange plant that looks like a berry plant will be invisible, yet do damage.  However, the plant itself is visible.
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Ye my friend had the same issue with the berry plant turning into angry bees.

Also some items like metal ingots, walls didn't appear sometimes.

Main annoyance was the fact that he get kept getting stuck in the mining animation though.
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I haven't experienced it myself yet, but my friend has this experience every time we encounter any enemy. Out of his perspective he just collapses dead.

He has experienced it not only with the already mentioned ones, but also with the Biter and the Spitter. This not only applies to enemys it also applies to the Lizrad doggu and items on belts, sometimes full belts look empty to him.
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Same problem here. It makes going outside the base almost impossible for me when I'm joining a friend's server; I just die every time from stuff I can't see.

A real bummer.
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+1 on this.  I've never seen one of those plants that emits gas on my screen, but if I look at my teammate's screen, I see it plain as day.  It's not a visual settings thing, it's a MP sync thing.
The gas doesn't show up on my screen either.  I get damaged out of nowhere.
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I just had the same issue in my multiplayer game.
Walking plant that emits poison gas is not visible, I can't see the gas clouds but I do receive damage from it.
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