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Will users who are having to wait for a Steam release be able to buy at the current price, or are we going to be snubbed on that opportunity.

For example; if we buy now, will we be able to transfer the purchase to our Steam account. Or will it be locked to Epic?
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They have already said its an epic exclusive for 12 months. After they release on other platforms in a year there is an almost absolute 0% chance the epic store purchase will be transferable. They would lose money and would piss off epic by allowing users of that platform to jump ship.
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idc about epic - they made the worst and insecured launcher i've ever had. i play it now because its 4 free (this weekend) but i gonna buy this game on steam - and if its not coming on steam in a year i dont bother - i simply dont buy it. ill will never put any bankdetails or anything personal on my account for this exclusive crap launcher. they wanna make it exclusive - then keep it
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Select the option "don't save my data" when you buy a game
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Except I'd not blame a single person for wanting to jump the epic ship.  Steam isn't great but they at least aren't the level of trash that is epic.
And I'm in the same boat with the Steam launcher.  When it comes out on Steam, I'll likely get it if its reviews don't tank in the meantime. Which I hope it doesn't -- seems like a cool game.
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as for this hell put it on steam right now for $60 I'll rebuy the dang thing I love the game but I really don't care for the featureless epic launcher.

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afaik its 1 year exclusive on epic launcher

the point is - epic launcher is exclusive crap because it is exclusive insecure

no clue how often some ppl hacked their databases - but its been several times
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Epic's launcher is honestly the only major issue I have with this game. When I went to set up my account for the first time I found someone in Thailand had already created an Epic account with my email address ?!? Apparently they don't bother with email verification (something even this forum does right). Then when I turn on two factor authentication I notice they give me the same frikin key for two separate transactions!!! (This is a major security no-no, two factor auth should never re-use a key)

At this point, I'd love to buy the game in a couple weeks, but no way in hell am I putting in my CC info into Epic. I hear though you can use Subway Gift Cards......
It was my intention when I first discovered Satisfactory to buy 3 copies, so that my family could play together - but I'll be waiting on the Steam release, *if* and when that comes.  Epic is too much of a risk - and even if it wasn't, it's a useless, broken, waste of my time.
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Yea, but I mean on steam it cost 60$ (steam use 40%)
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Developers can create free keys.
After the year and release on steam, they could generate free steam keys for buyers of epic keys.
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So this gets into that tricky bit of sales vs profit.

Steam takes 30% and Epic only 12% of sales. All things being equal epic is more profitable.

But! epic is relatively new and does not have the user base of Steam. So you will probably have less sales on epic. This is steam justifying their 30%.

Also giving away keys on steam is not "free" it still counts as a sale and they still get their cut. Most places that do give out free keys is because it was included in the original sale or are trying to hype up the steam release.

Other wise you could just use the steam service and sell the keys on your own and never give them a dime.
Coffee Stain has been really short-sighted on this - 18% extra per sale does not make up for 25%-30%+ lost sales.  They can't be that stupid.
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I read they also got a cash deposit for making it exclusive and it basically makes up for a huge % of lost sales.
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