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Can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere. Does pre-purchase just get you the game whenever it comes out? Does it allow you to play it right now? If so, does it only allow a certain amount, or is it access to everything available right now? Does pre-purchasing net you any other goodies?

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Pre-purchasing will give you full access to the game on March 19 when the alpha is released. As far as I can tell from a quick search there are not any special benefits to pre-purchasing the game. People playing the game now are playing through the free alpha weekend which is available if you signed up to get an alpha key. The free weekend gives access to tiers 0-3.
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Not STRICTLY true about the people playing right now, because some folks have access to ALL the tiers, which I guess is part of my confusion and question. I've been playing through the free weekend with my 3 tier access, and then there's people playing through the game in it's current entirety, and THEN there's this "Pre-Purchase" business. I'm not sure which is what for when or why.
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The people playing with the full 6 tiers now are the lucky few who got an alpha key. The pre-purchase is only for buying the game early without special access to it I think.
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There are 2 kinds of alpha people - this weekend only, and people who played before this weekend.

This weekend only players get the lower tiers.  Longer alpha testers get more.

Pre-purchasing gives you access to 'all' (I think highest 2 tiers (7,8) are still locked/being developed) on the 19th.
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No price difference or extra content. However you Will be allowed to use your current game Save, but you Will anyways as it is saved locally by you.
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On satisfactory site there is info, that after 1.0 release game price may rise a little bit, but it's not sure at this point.
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