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A few things I came across that could IMHO be solved better.

  1. Compass
    1. Should not display oneself or the vehicle you are riding on.
      I know it sounds dumb, but at some point I was lost and riding my truck, and I wanted to use my other truck as a waypoint to get back ... instead I got even more lost, cause I was following the marker that was representing myself.
    2. Should also display the distances (not only for ore fields) .... that would greatly improve to differentiate map markers (like when you have a lot of trucks)
  2. Quickbar and building
    1. 10 slots are way to little. Having more than one bar you can switch between would be neat. Factorio had two (now 10) bars you could swap by using a hot key. Space (and Medieval) Engineers have 10 bars you can swap via crtl + [number].
    2. One feature I came to love from Factorio is the pipette tool, which you let select any already build structure to build it elsewhere.
    3. Often it is hard to tell which object interferes with what you are trying to build. A better highlighting and a detailed text feedback would be neat. Instead of: "Encroaching on other's clearance" it should be "Encroaching on [name of structure(s)] clearance"
    4. I found several parts a re bit fickle to place. Like: 
      1. Power poles on a ramp.
        At the start of ramps they tend to snap to the other foundation and then complain the ramp is in the way. would be neat if that could be auto solved (just pot it on the ramp), or ignore that part of the ramp.
      2. Conveyor poles.
        On ramps they can be placed on different heights in same spot (sliding up and down)
        They tend not to get gild lines with existing poles.
        The non-stack-able version (you get first) claims to be height adjustable. But I can't get that to work. Only just found out how that works ... after literally playing for 24 hours ... (I mean: "Time Played: 24:04:56", it's not intuitive at all)
        Also poles currently cant be stuck to existing conveyor belts, but they should.
      3. Walls (and also Walkways).
        Might be a bug, tho. When placed on themselves (i.e. walls on other walls) the orientation is 180° of from what it is when placed on a foundation.
      4. Walls with conveyor holes have a different height to the poles. should be the same.
      5. I wish I could stuck a Walkway Crossing into the middle a stair case (Stairs Left or Stairs Right blocks) as means to prevent myself from falling all the way down.
    5. Also wishing you could place ghosts even without having the materials. Would make planning your factory easier.
    6. I wish you could stick belts on the ceiling. (poles that come down from ceiling or like the wall ones ... only that they work when placed from ceilings)
  3. Movement.
    1. Having the same key for getting on the truck and accessing the workbench turned out to be annoying as heck.
      Can't count the times I hopped on instead of opening the bench or vice versa.
    2. Lookout tower, and it's Stairs.
      Stairs especially give me cold sweat since I never know if I am successfully  on them or about to fall to my doom.
      With the tower on top being extremely prone to falling off.
      Since I also fell a few times in the world in holes I didn't see before, I just wish there would be something that would stop the avatar just for a moment before letting you pass (and fall) maybe with the option to be disabled.
    3. Parachute turned out to be extremely useless. Just jumping over a few belts and jumping off a storage container (on ground level) used up a bunch of parachutes.
      Maybe if not activated otherwise it only prevent fall-damage (and then remove one
  4. I wish I could name the personal storage chests. (also still pissed that I somehow lost one with 5 overclock modules!... and other precious materials ... if anybody knows cheat codes please tell)
  5. I have near my base area a tall mountain with a powerslug on to top (so says my detector thingy, and I can see the particles) but there's a kind of boulder on top and the slug is inside ... unreachable-
  6. 3rd person view? (would come in handy more often than you think)
  7. Control click to transfer all stacks of same item would be handy
  8. Effing lights for your Factory ... ridiculous that you have a huge ass factory powered by several coal plants but can't find your own butt at night time. (flash light isn't much help either)
Probably had more but I forgot.
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