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1 The crafting on a Workbench is annoying as Hell i rather click one time how many i want to make instead of holding a button for about 10 min...
2 The Item System aka Weapons fruits and other stuff you can equip should be fast accessable if you need to fight and got either nothing in your hand or something that does no dmg it is nearly impossible to switch fast to your weapon!
Something like the building menu would be nice!(1,2,3 and so on)
3 In the Crafting menu it would make it faster if the name of the item is directly shown if you got it or not!

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The crafting is difficult to incentivise automation. If you don't like holding down click, build a factory that does it for you. That's the point of the game. If we had easy crafting we wouldn't need to play in the first place.

As for the other points, the item system is one of the biggest suggestions at the moment.
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sorry i didnt really mean it like that with the crafting i meant it would be nice to have a limiter or something that you can easier get the ammount you want i mostly had enough to create something atleast at the start and i always created to much of something so that i needed to run arround or wait for more stuff to be created! it is a bit annoying if you ask me!

And for the items i would maybe think of a switch between the Building and tools tool/buildingbar!
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