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Depth of Field really helps improve games where you can see long distances, it separates stuff close to you from stuff that is far away and makes it much easier to view things in busy areas.

It also works well alongside LOD since objects out of focus can have their detail dropped too.

It makes things look less artificial.

Ideally you would have it so the depth of field depends on where you aim, this way objects in the distance can be focused on rather than everything far away being blurred all the time.

Example from Elder scrolls skyrim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI92M3hMRrg
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While it could be interesting if done right, I wonder what the effect of it would be on performance, considering this game is already quite rough on most people's PCs.
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Based on the info around the web, it seems to be 3-22% effect on performance, depending on how its done. Then again, I didnt find any examples from a building game.
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