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I play on a hardware calibrated 50" @ 4 feet with an FOV of 50. Graphic settings doesn't seem to matter. Running on a Samsung Evo SSD.

edit: Some scalability settings are too low for Ultra. Using medium presets as a base, r.ViewDistanceScale=3 and foliage.LODDistanceScale=2 improved things a bit on my RX 580 while maintaining a 16ms 95th percentile frametime. Can go much higher quality if cap at 30fps.

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What we suppose to look at ?

Can you be more specific.
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In some cases objects completely vanish or look like blocks when standing relatively close to them. I added a video to showcase it. The object doesn't have to be far, some I can be standing almost next to it.
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What are you referring to as "Popping" Audio popping? We need more details here. "Popping" could be anything.

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Sorry thought LOD popping was obvious. I've adjusted the title to be more specific. Ty.
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Have you not played the game in a while? The developers made an update a few months back that changed how LOD's work and now they pop like this all the time for everyone.

I saw your video. There's nothing wrong here. That's normal behavior for this game.

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In 3D computer graphics, popping refers to an undesirable visual effect that occurs when the transition of a 3D object to a different pre-calculated level of detail (LOD) is abrupt and obvious to the viewer. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popping_(computer_graphics)
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I'm aware of what popping is. The developers however altered the game's LOD settings and this is now how the game performs due to what they did to it. There's nothing we as players can do and this is intended to be this way, at this time.
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The guy is reporting on the LODs being bugged. That's the entire point of this website. The devs did not intentionally patch a bug into their game that we just have to deal with. Reporting them and attempting to provide steps to reproduce them is the reason why this website exists.

Stop trying to shut people up for providing perfectly valid feedback.
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The developers changed the LOD. When I play the game things disappear 5 feet in front of me in to ugly blobs. I complained about it on reddit and in here when they first posted it and I was told, by a developer, that this is intended functionality and they did this to improve performance. I'm not trying to "shut down" anyone. I'm providing information to them that they (apparently) aren't aware of.
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