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In this instance I tried to bring up the menu with escape and load a prior save but when I did this something knocked me off a ledge and I proceeded to die from the height.

In the process of this the menu stayed up, and I couldn't take it down anymore, I couldn't access it to even close the game. I try using the windows key but the game doesn't exit correctly, it makes my mouse appear as if outside of the game on my desktop but I can't see my desktop or minimize the game.

Thus because I got stuck with this in/out of menu experience I was unable to close the game, to fix the issue, I could do little aside from entirely force my laptop to shut down by holding the power button which is improper and not something I like having to do. It causes me great frustration when issues like this happen but otherwise the game of satisfactory is great.

I hope you guys can figure out this bug as I don't think I can offer anymore insight into it.
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been suicide bombing into the ground for about 25x now and cant seem to recreate it, lol.
So, whatever it is, has very specific triggers.
Might be something with animals knocking you off a cliff and doing something specific in the menu at the same time?
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I don't know, I literally just tried to open the menu and load a recent save up as I hit the ground, then instead of registering me clicking load game. It instead made me respawn which like I said was strange, it was one of those animals that rams into you. The four legged ones that have the hard shell on their backs. I don't remember exactly what they are called but hopefully that description helps some.
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In the future if this happens again press control-alt-delete on the keyboard (being a laptop you may need to hold a 4'th function button to get to use the delete button) and this should bring up the windows screen then just click the button to spawn task manager, find the game in the list and right-click it and end-task.
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Yes, I know how to do this but as mentioned my PC acts slightly weird with satisfactory, despite running the game generally fine and at the appropriate speeds and such. Pulling up my desktop with it runs into a slight problem probably because it's a laptop even though it's designed for gaming.

I can't really say why the issue of it occurs just that it does, but it's not anything that keeps me from playing games etc and probably would solve itself if I gave it a little time to process but again I don't know.
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