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Second time today the game crashed when the autosave occurred. If I am moving forwards or stationary it doesn't happen but when I am turning it happens fairly frequently. It won't crash all the way out though,, but it does lock my screen to the game. Please fix!

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OP: Try to ignore kmarkopl's responses if you can. They're mean and rude to everyone in every report in the Q&A Forums. To your actual statement above: The game is supposed to hard pause for a few seconds every time it does an auto save. This is normal behavior for Satisfactory and not a bug. If you don't like this behavior then you can go in the in-game settings and disable autosaving entirely. But beware you will have to remember to manually save the game occasionally as once autosave is disabled the game will -NEVER- save your game. Which means you have to remember to save the game manually before quitting or you could lose hours and hours of progress.

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Good answer!

Alternatively, it's worth considering to auto-save over a much longer period of time instead of disabling it entirely.
Im also confused by the definition of crash mentioned in OP's post.
Is it an actual crash? Like, does the game crash back into windows and provides you with an error message?
Or does the game just freeze for a bit and you call that a crash?
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Do you understand what Early access mean??!!

The game is still in development ! This is not final product !

The next update 3 will be some time Jan/Feb So wait like may others do !
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Out of Curiousity..

What do you think the purpose is for this website?
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@kmarkopl: Honestly what is your problem? Why are you such a mean jerk to everyone in every Q&A post? Do you even know how to write anything politely to anyone?
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