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My friend is having the same problem that A NUMEROUS other players has: the U4E-FG crash. She can't do anything. Trying to load a server, crash. Trying to create a new one, crash. Even connect to my game, still crashes.

This error began not much time ago. We played together perfectly fine for about 1 month and then...

I have search the whole net for a solution, but find nothing. Neither the EPIC can help (they send her to look for UnrealEngine support, and they can't help either), and neither the producers have created a solution for this.

There's a guy here that have the same problem. He posted this image, just to make sure. https://gyazo.com/f1ec9060c5c4f936ef1f11ab0bd0808a

It's is the same problem.

Don't mather the specs of PC, because this error appears in many different OSs and PCs.

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That UE4 crash report is just a generic unreal engine crash report.
FactoryGame indicates that it is for Satisfactory, of course, but the real cause of the crash is mentioned in the detail window at the bottom.
Without a screenshot of the text in that detail window, ( that differs depending on the cause of the crash) it becomes very hard to help you figure out how to fix it.

You can get this crash report window from a whole range of bugs, ranging from a lost D3D device to accidentally running into a weird piece of foliage that somehow crashes the game.

What I'm trying to say is: each crash is different, so make sure you check the actual cause of the crash. If it's repeatedly the same issue few lines at the top in the bottom black box ( make sure to scroll to the right to see the end of those lines of text)
Then share a screenshot of those here in order for people to help you troubleshoot.

Also keep in mind that those crash reports automatically get sent to the developers of this game, so even if they don't actually respond to you here, it's safe to assume they know of your issue.
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Hello, thanks for the answer.
I have post the image of the exact error that I have. The link is on the first comment. It's is the same error that another guy is having.
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So you play on version 94852?
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No, we already at the last update.
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So share a screenshot of YOUR error so we can see exactly what it says.
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