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Basically if you stack a merger/splitter, more than once without moving upwards or downwards and just stay at the bottom for example. Then it will construct itself inside an already constructed merger/splitter instead of continuing upwards in the desired direction.

I feel like when you stack it once, you shouldn't be able to stack it further unless you move up to the stacked merger/splitter.

How to reproduce:

1. Place merger or splitter

2. Place two or more on top without moving upwards (as in don't move the mouse)

You should see it construct inside itself even though it should be encroaching its own clearance.

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So far from what I can tell this is intentional. I'm thinking you just started playing the game recently and you didn't see the old splitters. We couldn't stack them for a long time but now because of this building inside each other we can stack them. This is currently the only way the developers have got it to work. Right now this is not a bug.

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There is building on top of eachother as in stacking which is fine but this is about building one repeatedly inside one another. You still use resources and the mergers/splitters are unusable when stacked inside eachother. So its still a bug. Theres nothing useful by doing it other than annoy you.
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This is the intended behavior and this is how the game is coded at the moment. We've always been able to build splitters inside each other in this game. This isn't a bug. They could improve it perhaps for the future but as of right now it's supposed to be this way.

A bug means something is not working how it should be. IE: Developers code something one way but it doesn't behave like they coded it. In this case the developers coded it this way and it's behaving how they want it to for now. So it's not a bug.
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Can't you use search option ??!!


Some people are just brainless and stupid !!!
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There's no need for insults and being rude... you could say the same message politely.
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I only saw that someone asked it after already asking it. It usually comes up on related topics before posting but didn't notice. You don't have to be rood like that though.
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I know, but m really feed up with lazy people ! Search option is for a reason !
Also be for thread creation they get suggested similar topics to join.
But no !! They just come and spam the same request/issue witch was been requested reported multiple times !
Instead going to old thread and upvote it so devs will see it, they crate another crap spam witch eventually will get berried under other crap Spam !
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Someone's got a pinecone up their butt apparently.
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