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Hello all

I played Early Access a while back and really enjoyed the game. After a brief break I reinstalled Epic launcher and the games I had through them and started experiencing a weird problem, one I've never seen before. (Zork was my first PC game, so I've seen a few) I gave up for a little while when I was unable to correct it, even with Epic's support. None of the other games do it, whether via Epic, it's launcher, or any other game. A few months later I had my hard drive crash/corrupted so I reinstalled game on new drives and the problem started all over again, and I've been unable to figure out what is causing it.

The problem is whenever I try to start the game, I get to the title splash screen and it not only crashes my PC, but I have to reset the PSU before I can even turn the PC back on! Before you mention it may be the PSU, it was upgraded from a 650W (which ran the game with no problems whatsoever, to a 750W when I upgraded the PC during my process to recover from the bad hard drive. The CPU, Mobo, SSD's, and RAM were upgraded but kept the video card. (I plan on upgrading it down the road). So before and after the changes to my PC I had this exact same problem. I bought The Outer Worlds game via Epic (which is also where I got Satisfactory) and it too does the exact same thing! All other games through Epic work just fine. All games on my entire PC work just fine. It is only those two games, 'Satisfactory: Early Access' and 'The Outer Worlds' that cause the PC to crash with needing to reset PSU. I have since got my money back on The Outer worlds, but would still like to get Satisfactory working again.

I've done a lot of searching and I can't this exact same problem. The closest to a possible solution I haven't treid is the 'Windows N Media Pack Feature', which won't let me install it.

I don't know how to attach a recent Dxdiag to this, so any help would be great!

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It's probably caused by the main menu and splash screen not having an FPS cap, causing your GPU to max out and overheat.

1. Don't alt-tab after launching the game
2. Don't stay in the main menu for longer than absolutely necessary
3. Clean your PC so there's no dust etc
4. Open up your case to allow for more airflow

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This is not an issue with the game, something is unstable with your computer. If -ANY- game is crashing your computer so hard that you have to hit the power switch on the back of it to recover then something is -SERIOUSLY- wrong with your computer. Most likely your video card is overheating and hitting emergency mode. If the video card's fans jump to 100% when this "crashing" occurs then that would be your answer: Emergency mode. Consider adding fans to your system or re-doing the thermal paste on the card (if it's an older one).

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First... Thanks for the responses, they were direct, respectful, and I hope quite helpful. I doubt it's the air flow, unless it's for a specific part. My case has x2 120's in front, 1 in the rear, a 200 on top, and of course the PSU's built in fan. But I will still look into it. All fans work great and make no noise. A side panel has a decent sized grill, about the size for a 120 fan, but no indications of it being designed to house a fan of any size.

As for the video card, I thought I replaced it before all the 'shite hit the fan'. But you made me think about it some more... and now I'm not so sure. LOL  I guess I might have changed cards after I took my break from Satisfactory. *ponders* It just strikes me as odd that only 2 games cause this. I use to use Speccy and the MSI Afterburner programs to monitor the temps for awhile before upgrade, nothing ever reach dangerous levels, so I really didn't give the video card or CPU serious thought. During the summer only a couple of games pushed the temp high enough to make me consider logging into a different game, namely Fallout 4.

But I'm going to look into this whole video card thing, I still have the one I replaced my current one with. Older one worked fine, but newer one is a decent upgrade. I will give it a try. worse case, it solves the problem but may have to turn down quality setting in a couple of games.

Thanks for the comments, will be back with results when I can. Peace out!
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Well... it was the video card (Radeon RX-580). Will need to do a little researching now to replace this one, a GeForce GTX 660. I'm on disability, so top of the line is nowhere near what I can do, but a good mid-range/budget card leaning towards the higher end is what I would like. Primary usage: Gaming! Secondary usage: Gaming! =)

 I'm open for suggestions.

P.S. Thanks so much for the help! And I really do sincerely mean that.
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If you want you could find me on telegram, same name, @AquaVixen. I'd be happy to spend a little time with you and see if I can try to help you find a better card than that GTX-660 that you can afford.
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