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Having died AGAIN by missing a platform whilst the game 'stutters' during an autosave can we look at the saving mechanism to make it less disruptive.

I get the saves are (for now perhaps) a piece of IO that 'is what it is', however what if we delay the save?

I only mean a piece of logic in the save game process that would defer the save until the player was not moving, this would of course have a limit as we don’t want to defer the save indefinitely.

Something like this;

Save [is the player moving] {Yes=Defer & Start Timer | No= Save}

Loop until Timer =0 or Save Done{
[is player moving] {Yes= Defer & Decrement Timer | No=Save}

Loop until Save is done {
[Is player in the air] {Yes= Defer | No=Save}

Hope this sounds like a plan, I get the game is huge and late game sprawl is inevitable but at least we can reduce the impact to the play...

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only thing I agree with is not saving if player is in the air, other than that it doesnt matter. you can walk around and autosave doesnt matter.
It just needs to check whether or not you're near a mob/ poison gas area.

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Saves are set by timer, not what Player currently doing !

Also The bigger factory you will have, there more stuttering you will experience as the saves reach over 100+ MB

Lastly, the game is still in developement, and save issue currently is not priority.
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What an incredibly unhelpful and condescending reply, i'm aware of the current save mechanic & game state!!!
This was merely a suggestion/feature request...!
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You can disable autosave entirely in the in-game settings and just do it manually when you're in a safe place. 

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