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My idea is not directly a bunker, but rather the possibility to put the production buildings underground. So that they are underground. Or in the case of the nuclear power plants so that they can no longer harm you. And besides, you could also build special miners down there that produce fewer resources but that do not require any deposits but metal plates or concrete.

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Where would the fun be if you could put nuclear plants underground and be safe?
As to the 'special miners', the fact that the developers set the resource nodes in a fixed position is a choice that they made presumably at the very start of the map design. Adding such miners would hurt the exploration and exploitation aspects upon which the gameplay is pivoted.

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Nuclear plants are supposed to harm you. That's part of the challenge of using nuclear power. If you don't like it.. don't use nuclear power. They should not make nuclear "Easier" to use. If anything it's trivial as it is and I wish they would make nuclear plants harder to use to the point where having a radiation suit isn't enough to completely protect us at times when near nuclear plants.
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yes you are right.
but what do you think about manually controlled planes?
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I re-read it... you did not mention manually controlled planes in the above suggestion post.
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oh sorry, some times i just sleeping
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