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Ran into a weird issue issue today where I was unable to access the craft or equipment benches with the [e] control. Problem cleared after reload and it feels very similiar to an older bug where one couldn't access vehicle controls with [c].
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Yes this happened to me, unable to do anything with e key.  This is with the latest experimental build, you did warn us to expect bugs that would not be fixed, but something like this does need fixing in experimental so we can continue to try out the new build - it is much smoother running.
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Have the same problem in the experimental version regularly.

Saving and reloading seems to only way i have found to get out of it.

nothing where you need to excess, E key, does work.  pick fruits, gathering leaves opening containers interacting with hub, manufactorer.
You can still move, use  cut a keys and get to inventory or deconstruct.
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Seems to be associated with exploring new areas on the map, works fine for well used areas but as soon as go onto new ground to pick up slug etc it stops working.

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If it's the same issue as being unable to bring up the menu on vehicles with "C", it's possible that it has the same temporarily solution:

Go in and out of photo mode by pressing "P"
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