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Early Access Version: v0.2.1.19 - Build 109370

Reducing the clock speed will show a reduced power requirement in the machine's UI, however, the power usage as measured at the power pole shows a full power usage.

For example, a constructor at 10% clock speed will show that it should use 0.1 MW of power. At the power pole the usage will the full 4 MW of usage.

I experimented with both smelters and constructors and both are affected by this bug.

Miner Mk1s appear to be working properly.

Short video demonstrating the bug: https://youtu.be/m17LrwSee6o
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I just tried it with miner & smelter and constructor, all set to 10% and got 0.3 at  the power pole.

You may have something else running in the background.
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I added a video demonstration of the bug in action. The machines do use the proper power in some circumstances. I am not 100% what triggers the incorrect behavior whether it is order of placement, connection, etc.
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Yeah, I see what you did, I got it to show 4MW too.
By simply turning off the power, it resets it to normal and shows the right megawatts. It seems that turning down the overclock first and applying power, causes this problem.

Looks like this problem also occurs on the regular version of Satisfactory too.
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