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Do not want to argue about anything or start a pointless debate since Devs will always do things their own way and I do support this concept fully.

That being said, I just want to share my personal opinion on how I feel about the new look recently been given to the Manufacturer, to let Devs know how things are perceived on the other side of the "barricade".(https://imgur.com/a/YcXUyqy)

The new model gives more visibility to animations and it kinda pays off the work put into it but, purely considering the machine as a whole,I do really prefer the previous design. Since it was already announced an Mk2 version, maybe, I would have opted to change the new not-yet-introduced one (if really that necessary) instead of changing the already working Mk1; also because it comes with noticeable different size/encumbrance which is quite a sensible topic for all those players that might be reluctant to adjust huge factories if not start anew to fit the new model. Just for clarity, I do not think this is the same "issue" as occured for the model swap/change/update to the Nuclear Power Plant as I consider that model as part of "outdoor machinery" while other models are more likely to be encased in walls (it all comes down to personal taste and play-style indeed, but still)

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the old design was more convenient for installing conveyors above it and it occupied only 2 blocks of wall in height, and now it occupies 3 blocks and in order to rearrange conveyors it is necessary to demolish all floors of the plant above it. sadness :(


The new model will be for MK2
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Personally I like the new mesh. I feel like it is in keeping with the machines that have come before it. With both the constructor and the assembler you could walk up to the machine, see the inputs flow into it, see the machine perform an animation like it's working on a part, and then see a finished item flow out of it. With the old manufacturer mesh you could see items going in and coming out but the machine was essentially just a box with almost no animation to speak of given that it was only a few robotic arms that moved. This new one fits in better with the theme of seeing work being done and progress being made.
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