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Can't connect to friend in multiplayer,  reading online leads to answers around some issue with the NAT settings. Looking at dates of the post it was somewhat resolved (maybe) and came back with the train and Nuclear patch. I have tried fixed from firewall setting to installing a vpn (which we can't seem to get a direct link through). So if anyone has any other fix or tips that would be appreciated.
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Have been playing a lot of multiplayer over the last 2 weeks, zero issues. So its firewall/router/internet provider, thats the issue. Not the game.

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Yes. If you would read the developer blog, youtube videos, and reddit page then you would know they are currently working on developing dedicated servers. Which (in theory) should solve a large percentage of the current multiplayer issues. This is also why they pretty much stopped trying to fix the "Current multiplayer" where we connect directly to each other and they are focusing on dedicated servers instead.
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