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exactly as it sounds - made a bridge using ramps and foundations and a train cannot go up the ramp even tho they say they work well with vehicles.
when i try and place train track it says its too steep

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Train tracks can only be so steep, they can go up on 2m ramps but not 4m ramps
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i appreciate the reply but i think that is a bit bs ....... they are hardly crazy steep
now i have put a huge amount of work into a build that is effectively useless
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Actual maximum slope is noticably steeper than 2m ramp, but not as steep as 4m ramp. 2m ramps are closest usable slope if you run the rail orthogonal to the ramp and want it to appear to be sitting on the ramps. But it's possible to build it on 4m ramps if you run it somewhat sideways (note it may not please you aesthetically) or just use foundation columns at rail ends and set their height to allow the rail to be placed.
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thanks good hint ........ but this makes making clean looking ramps for tracks a nightmare
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