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I used to have the map then all of a sudden it's gone. I verified the game but that didn't work.
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You didn't start a new game by any chance?
Don't forget that the map is something you have to research.

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The map is always there. You have to find something in-game and research it to unlock it.
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And how do I construct Crystal Oscillator to research when I don't have Quartz Crystal? I am at Tier 7 Nuclear, and have completed everything prior to this, but still no "Explorer" tab or Crystal Quartz recipe, and Quartz Crystal is not appearing in the constructor recipe menu. nor is it showing when I slide the little arrow on Tier 4.
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What, precisely do you have to find in-game and where is it in general terms? (for example: it's near 6 iron mines on grassy plains) something like that would give me a direction to look, and then, what would I be looking for?
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You have to pick up raw crystal from the "random minable nodes" (not the ones you place miner machines on, the one you use hand tools to mine) and carry that back home and research that -> Then you unlock the ability to construct crystal oscillator -> Then you research that.
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I did that, I hand-chiseled some from a cave under the pink forest, there were two nodes there, but they wouldn't analyze in MAM. At the bottom of the MAM menu it says "Raw Quartz" (from the start of the game), and I've already analyzed that, but what I just gathered in my backpack won't go in the MAM. I need a crystal Oscillator but can't make one without Quartz crystal, this is so frustrating, I'm unable to proceed in the Bauxite Tier until I get a Crystal Oscillator... *sigh* any other suggestions folks?
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My son solved this problem, it was my own fault, I had seen advice to "move the slider" on Tier 4, I saw a white vertical bar to the right side of the Tier windows, clicked on it and got alternate recipes, but not Quartz Crystals or Silica.... my son suggested I move the *orange* bar UNDERNEATH the Tier 4 windows.... and - Hey presto! there were my missing recipes!

Thank you to all those kind folks that tried to help me solve my problem. Maybe my experience will help someone else, I hope so. (special thanks to AquaVixen)
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