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It would be nice to have a "pick factory" button, just like the "pick block" button in Minecraft. Its is so useful and handy. (like the middle mouse button can the pick factory button)
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Or the Q button in another game that I shall not name here, which is super, incredibly useful in that game.
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I think it would help if you explained in details what exactly this button would do and how it works in the other game + how you would use it in Satisfactory / what problem does it solve in Satisfactory (not everyone has played minecraft and/or is familiar with this feature).
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Okay, lets imagine u need an assembler to be placed. But your hotbar is already filled with items and you dont want to change your well organized hotbar(and it also does not contain an assembler in it). Then you have to have to open your build menu, select the assembler and then place it, which is taking a lot of time to do.

Now my theory is that, if you have a pick factory button, then you can automatically have that factory blueprint directly in your hand with the press of one button. You dont have to open you build menu to access the blueprint. All you have to do is look at the particular factory you want to build, and press the button, the factory blueprint will appear in your hands.

Hope you understand my crude explanation.
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I see, so basically it would be a way to target any nearby item that was previously placed and assign it as the "to be placed" item (correct me if I'm wrong). I agree it would be useful is some cases even though you need to have a similar item already placed near you for this to work. This and perhaps multiple hotbar presets would certainly be a good quality-of-life improvement for building stuff efficiently :).
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Yes, thats exactly what i was talking about.
It would be helpful when building large factories, when u have to dismantle stuff and again open the build menu to find your blueprint. Instead you just look at the factory you want to build, press a button and you have the blueprint, with a single button click.

It would be so great.
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