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Will the current save game be no good? Or will mods not happen?
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*cough* febuary*cough*

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It rather depends on the nature of the mod, but in most cases you will be hard pressed to install a mod meant for a specific version of SF onto a more recent release. Attempting to load a save game that utilises those mods in a version of SF that does not have those mods enabled will either a) crash SF, b) corrupt your save file, or c) simply not load the modded elements that exist in the save. Or a combination of the above.

Remember SF is an early access title, and therefore nowhere near feature complete. There is absolutely no guarantee that mod authors will continue to update their mods for every new version that comes out, and therefore you mod the game at your own risk!
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I have been running mods for a few months now, without issue. And I dont think I have seen many reports of broken mods ether, beyond the script heavy once, like Kronos and Utility. I also know of a save from Alpha Weekend, thats still working, even after months of mod usage.

The only thing that happens when you remove a mod, is that everything that mod adds, goes away. So unless its a mod that permanetly changes base game stuff (like belt speed), it will take a lot to corrupt a save.

From Offical Discord "- We officially support mods and the modding community." So thats already a thing, its just that the time they have to give us a dev kit, is limited, so we cant do everything yet (mostly c++ stuff, I belive).
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It is obvious the mods will be broken when game gets updated.

The mods are not supported yet.
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Using any mod on an early access game that changes and is patched frequently is a very bad idea. All your mods will be broken every time there's a new patch.
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