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ISSUE : It is possible to set up a Machine and Overclock it with shards without paying the increased Power Usage until the output hopper is filled if the machine is unpowered when overclocked.

VERSION : Early Access 106504


1. Build an Oil Pump on an Oil resource but do not connect any power cables (any extractor and resource will do).

2. Build a Coal Power Generator nearby and attach a power cable to the Oil Pump but do not Fuel the Coal Power Plant.

3. Press E to Configure the Oil Pump and note the Production Rate (e.g. 240pm) and Power Cost (40MW).

4. Add two Power Shards and Overclock to 200%. Note that the Production Rate and Power Cost are unchanged (240pm and 40MW respectively).

5. Add 100 Coal to the Coal Power Plant and it will immediately come online and generate 50MW. Inspect its output and you will see that while the Oil Pump is filling its output hopper it is demanding 40MW while it does so. This represents the non-overclocked Power Usage of the Oil Pump.

6. Inspect the Oil Pump while it is still running and you will see it is now reporting 480pm and 121.3MW usage. It should have tripped the Power Generator but it did not do so.

7. Very quickly the Output Hopper will fill and the Oil Pump will shut down.

8. Withdraw one or more barrels of Crude Oil from the output hopper and you will hear the power grid shut down immediately. The Oil Pump has now demanded the correct 121.3MW and has overloaded the Generator.

9. Inspect the Generator and you will correctly see the 121.3MW spike and shutdown event.

Using this method it would be possible to set up the Oil Pump and connect it to a vast storage array. It would run at the overclocked rate but without paying the increased power budget until the array finally filled.

It is also possible to show the bug the other way round.

10. In the situation above where the Oil Pump is overclocked to 200% and has shut down the power grid, reduce the overclock back to 100%. The Production Rate and Power usage have not updated correctly. They will show 480pm and 121.3MW respectively.

11. Reset the Power Generator. The expected behaviour since the overclock is disabled is that the Pump should demand 40MW and the grid should be fine but it will immediately shut down.

12. Inspect the Power Generator and you will see the 121.3MW spike and shutdown.

13. Inspect the Oil Pump and it will now show the non-overclocked values of 240pm and 40MW.

14. Reset the Power Generator again and it will run correctly with 40MW of demand.
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Now THIS is how a proper bug report should look like. Gj.
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