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myself and my clan members build on plates above ground. way above ground. could use a better method of geting vertical fast. the jump pads wont work for what we do. it takes about 8 of them just to get up on the plate. if you run down one of the pilars on foot with blade runners it takes almost 10 minutes. to get to ground level. so yea parachutes work well but not on multiplayer. the chute deploys but does not stop rapid decent. either way this does not help get back up in a resoanble amount of time.
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The downwards movement is probably easiest and safest with a jetpack since you can freefall most of the time and brake only when you get near the level where you want to stop.

The major problem is getting upwards (fast). Jump pads are clearly the devs' attempt to tack the issue but they aren't designed to be connected and contraptions where one jump pad sends you on top of another are not very reliable.

It would be nice if instead of or in addition to the vertical jump pad we got a "jump ring", a machine with the same effect but it does not have to lie on a foundation and can be entered from below, allowing players to mount them in vertical column in regular intervals.

The jelly bucket could be altered in similar fashion - remove the need to put it on foundation and remove its bottom. It would slow down your fall and allow you to exit to the side, but would not stop you from falling through the bottom and to the lower level.
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I doubt you will ever talk the devs into this. They have spent a vast amount of time hand crafting the map, which is a thing of beauty. I feel rather confident that they will never put anything in the game that would essentially make the map irrelevant. Maybe you would have better luck asking at one of the modders sites.
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At some point the game itself (hence, the devs) does encourage you to exploit more verticallity, and the buildings are certainly designed to be huge. This may be an extreme case as presented here, but even for "realistic" late-game multi-story factories, jump pads don't quite cut it.

A good example is getting to the crystal mines above the grasslands; I have about 70 stacked containers (probably fastest way to build ladders) and a long climb time to do so. Equivalently you can make 10 jump pads. It would be far more practical, and aesthetically pleasing to have a proper elevator.

As it stands, you have the ability to climb to infinite heights as soon as you're past the early game and have large amounts of plates and rods available; giving a faster (likely more expensive) option takes nothing away from the map but does give us the option to make our gaming experience less tedious.

Besides... jump pads? Seriously?

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My current main factory is a pyramid roughly 200m tall and about a kilometer on a side at the base. That's about the height you could get out of 8 jump pads. I just timed running from the base to the top (without blade runners) It took 1.5 minutes. I generally use a combination of the jetpack and conveyors to get around.  A single type 5 conveyor from bottom to top is about a 15 second trip. I should have specified that the conveyor is at about a 2/3 incline. Without seeing your design it's hard to give specific suggestions.
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