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The sound effects for your vehicles are pretty bad. It is obvious the sound does not match the actual speed of the vehicle. Also I would prefer the sound of an electrical vehicle since we have to provide electric motors to build these vehicles. I imagine that we are burning biofuel or whatever fuel to generate electricity to power the electric motors. These vehicles should sound like a hyprid vehicle.
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I notice sometimes when in the explorer and am slowing down from speed (pressing the "s" key) the game sounds will treat it as if I'm accelerating and engine will rev loudly until I exit the vehicle after stopping.

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Burning biofuel or coal (to generate gas) could be considered a typical combustion engine process and therefore the engine noises could be considered appropriate. Even if the fuels were fed to a generator on the vehicle to make electricity for an electric motor that noise would drown out any electric motor sounds.

As for your issue of the sounds not matching vehicle speed, we just have to assume the vehicles have some form of automatic transmission and only Ficsit has the specifications on how it works.
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Hey nho3.

I agree. Vehicle sound effects are probably my biggest source of shame when it comes to the sounds in Satisfactory.

A lot of it comes to down to how difficult vehicle sounds are to implement. If you use sound samples with ramping rpms (as i do in satisfactory) you run the risk of your perceived speed and the sound you are hearing will mismatch. Engine only know's if you are going forward basically, and will just ramp through it's sounds even though you are slowly moving up a hill for instance.

Another way to do this is to bind pitch to speed on a static RPM, this is what a lot of games used to do. It conveys speed, but sound quality is usually awful, with a lot of artifacts.

What they do in AAA is that they write or buy a granular synth implementation for vehicle sounds. This is the only solution, in my mind, that would generate a good enough result. But sadly i don't see that happening in the near future.

I'll try to get some time to go over the implementation again and see if I can hammer our some of the immediate problems - but a major overhaul is not currently planned I'm afraid.
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