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I loaded in at first and the input lag was about 30-40 seconds from when i moved my mouse or pushed a button to when the game would react. After lowering the settings I got the lag down to 5 or so seconds, but it's still unplayable. I don't have a bad computer- ryzen 5 3600, radeon rx 580. When I look at the usage stats, I'm using 100% of my gpu, which doesn't seem right for my gpu, especially since I was using the lowest settings. How can I fix this or is this just a lack of gpu power?
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You didn't include how much RAM you have. that is also an important factor.
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I have the 8 GB variant of the RX 580 and 16 GB of RAM

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Make sure Vsync is -ON- in settings will keep the gpu usage down.

Also tell us how much Vram your video card has. If it's the 4GB Vram RX 580 then it might not be enough for this game. I have a 1080 Ti myself and I commonly see Satisfactory using 5~6 GB VRAM when playing.
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V sync helped bring down the GPU usage to around 70 percent, but the input lag is still a couple seconds.
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are you experiencing this in singleplayer or multiplayer?
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You still haven't told us how much ram your system has or how much vram is on your video card.
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Seriously? How in the world can Vsync INCREASE your frames and LOWER input lag? That makes no sense. Its literal job is to slow down your FPS to match the refresh rate of your monitor so that you don't get any screen tearing. This function generally increases input delay in most cases.
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Actually, technically, Vsync does not "Slow down" anything. It -LIMITS- the FPS to that which your monitor can render. And it has been proven multiple times by many different people, (even with expensive slow speed cameras) that even if there is any input lag from vsync, it is so low that human eyes can not perceive it. Input lag from Vsync is down in the millisecond range. Typically Vsync is what gives that "buttery smooth" gaming performance everyone lusts after for computer gaming.
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