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I have a hard time finding a pure iron ore source which is at -162 724 / 182 453 / 463. The radar shows it right in front of me but there is nothing.

Did anyone find it ?

Thanks !

PS: same for the slugs that are here (13 038 / 275 406 / -5 644), do we have to like jump of the end of the map and we will find a cave, because I could'nt find any while looking around lol ? (plz just hints)
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Have you tried to place a miner at the spot the scanner shows? I have never found an iron node in a cave; but there are several that are invisible but you can place a miner on them. (Just move your cursor around the spot the scanner indicates with a miner selected to build.) I also know of one iron node submerged in a small pond.
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I will try to do that again next time :(
I've also tried to bomb the place with no success.
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I know at -162,724 / 182,453 / 463 there is a pure node that sits just under the grass surface. I wasted hours looking for a cave and removing all vegetation from the area. Finally just tried placing a miner and it worked. It sinks into the ground but still mines fine.
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Thx guys I should have tried earlier to do that
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