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I looked for my problem before asking.

Just installed update for uploading saved games in it. "WHY??" Get into that later.

Now my game lag's and I play single player. WTF!! It freezes for a 1 or 2 sec, like every time it uploads my saves, every 10 mins or what ever it is set to. I sure the hell won't recommend this game if this is what the game play is going to be like. Yes I know I can set my saves to a longer time limit and would not happen as much. BUT it shouldn't be happening at all. If this is the problem with what's going on.

Now, why the hell are we uploading our saved games for. Other then to help you guys see how it is going for diff computers and what not. I under stand that. But really should be on a opt to thing. Just my option. If this is going to continue I wont be playing for much longer. I can only Imagine multi player lag now.

If it is only me that is getting lag from this new update, then I will refrain from the above.

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Ok I vented.
I would like you to know, that I really like this game. I have played 100's of hours now. Every time I play it's a new adventure. Hate to say it but it's my new Minecraft. I have played that for 1,000's of hours. If not more, since 2011.
With that said, I would really like to know why there is the Cloud Saves update. A lot of people are losing games, sound and what not.
Just found this link https://www.satisfactorygame.com/blog
Explains but now the problems...
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I have not played, and wont, until this cloud issue is resolved. I understand at least some of the issue is with the fledgling startup Epic, but the 800 or so hours I have in this will not be lost to their incompetence.
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So turning off the cloud option in the settings did not help anything. I didn't realize how often the lag does happen. Happens ever 2 to 4 mins. It never done this before the cloud update. I will look into it more. Just sucks that I like this game a lot and when it stops every few mins can be really annoying. Maybe it's on my end but I really don't think so. I have not done anything to my computer or game but the update and noticed because it's obvious from the get go, from the install of new update.
This has been up for about 24 hours now and not one comment about others having the same problem. So I will look into it more. It just could be my computer setup. Just doesn't like my hardware Maybe?!?! Not sure.
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Just got another option reading other posts. I'll turn off auto saves. Maybe this will help. Just do manual saves. I do that anyways every time before I end game.
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